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Tips For Dealing With A Wet Basement

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Wet basements are one of the most common types of water damage cases that restoration companies encounter. Many basements have a pattern of dampness which can cause mold to grow affecting the health of your family. But, there are usually solutions and preventative measures that can be taken. Implementing these is important to protect your home during rainstorms and flooding.

  • Insulation

The most common type of water damage in basements is caused by humidity. Since a basement is generally much cooler than the rest of the house, the best solution to fixing a damp and humid basement is to insulate. Insulating the walls after they have been sealed or insulating pipes so that they don’t drip is effective in removing dampness. But, having a dehumidifier is important and will give large results.

  • Landscaping

This is something that you may not think of when discovering a water problem. We suggest that you walk around your home and check the landscape to see if the land slopes towards the base of your home. If it does, then this can be the cause of extra water in your basement. If you remove bushes and other shrubs that are close to the foundation it can help with this.

  • Sump Pump

This is another extremely common cause of water problems. If you live in an area close to sea level or an area that is typically wet, then the water may be coming through the floor. The sump pump will prevent this and will help to keep your basement dry.

  • Lawn irrigation

If you irrigate your lawn regularly or have someone do it for you, check to make sure that you look for additional dampness in your home. If you do notice that your basement is damper than usual, try irrigating less around your house.

  • Cracks

One way that water can get into your basement is from cracks in the walls. If you notice cracks in the walls of the basement, plugging them with epoxy can prevent excess water from coming into your basement. If the cracks are large than this, it could be a sign of a bigger issue and you should contact a foundation expert.

Water damage and dampness in the basement can cause a large amount of damage and discomfort to your home and your family. It can also prevent you from enjoying your basement space. If you are experiencing dampness in your basement, contact us or a water damage restoration company in your area.


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