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The Side-effects of Common Species of Mold

Mold is one of the worst substances that can be in your home. It usually is a sign that there is or has been water damage in your home. Mold also has the additional negative of being difficult to remove. There are many different species of mold, but we are only going to talk about 4 different types and the side-effects that they create.

1. Cladosporium

Cladosporium is one of the most common species of indoor and outdoor mold. This mold has brown, black and green varieties. There are indoor and outdoor species, but the indoor type is the more relevant kind. It generally grows in damp areas and especially on wood or textiles. Cladosporium has side-effects that are similar to hay fever and asthma.

2. Alternaria

This type of mold is commonly found growing on window frames, showers, and any other area that tends to be damp, it can even grow in plant soil. This mold also causes an allergic response when it is inhaled. If you suffer from allergies it could be because of Alternaria mold.

3. Penicillium

Wallpaper, wallpaper glue, and deteriorating fabric are all hotspots for this species of mold. Buildings that have had water damage usually will have this type of mold. it has symptoms such as hay fever, asthma, and allergies. If you are suffering from severe allergies you should contact a professional mold remediation company such as Lee Carpet Cleaning. It is possible that there is mold in your home and removing this could help with your allergies.

4. Stachybotrys

Thankfully Stachybotrys is not a common species of mold in most areas. This kind of mold causes some of the most severe side-effects, such as memory and hearing loss, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, and even bleeding in the lungs. This mold is pretty recognizable because it is black and slimy. Usually, it is only found in areas that have had severe water damage.

These are three of the most common types of mold and one of the most dangerous species. It is extremely important to have mold remediated as quickly as possible.


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