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The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

If you have ever attempted to clean your own carpets with a consumer carpet cleaner you bought from Walmart, then you probably know the hassle that is involved in cleaning carpets. You also probably understand the difference in the results as well. While there are definitely some instances where these inexpensive carpet cleaners come in handy, in the majority of situations there are many reasons to use a professional carpet cleaner instead. Here are our top reasons to use a professional carpet cleaner in place of doing it on your own.

Professional Grade Equipment.

DIY carpet cleaning isn’t easy! You’ll have to either buy or rent a carpet cleaner and get it to your house. If you rent one they are often bulky and heavy and can be a pain to use. They also leave almost as much water in the carpet as they suck out. This isn’t good as it can lead to mold or just generally mean you won’t be able to use the cleaned area for a much longer period of time. Professional carpet cleaning companies have high-powered equipment that is mounted inside vans. They also suck much harder, which makes them much more effective than a consumer grade cleaner. Our technicians also treat the flooring first and use tools to loosen any debris or dirt in the fibers of the carpet. The fans that are used are much more powerful. Meaning the carpet will dry much quicker.

We Clean it all.

If you attempt to clean your own carpet then be prepared for a challenge. You need to move all of the furniture out of the room, clean the floor, then once you are done cleaning the carpet you can’t use the room for a while so the furniture has to stay out of the room. This means you can’t usually move on to the next room. Our expert carpet cleaners will move the furniture, clean the carpet, dry the carpet, and move the furniture back and move on to the next room. They often can get the entire house done by the time most people can complete only one room.

Remove all the Water.

The difference in the suction power of commercial vacuums and consumer carpet cleaners is incredible. Most rental and consumer vacuums drench the carpet in water, but then they can only suck up around 50% of the water. This can actually be dangerous because if your carpet is soaking wet and the padding underneath is as well, this is the perfect opportunity for mold to grow. Professional carpet cleaners will suck the large majority of the water out of the carpet and the padding, leaving the carpet nearly dry to the touch.

These are just a few of the many reasons that a professional carpet cleaner will provide a much better result and make it much easier.


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