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The 5 Worst Stains to Remove from Carpet

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Stains are one of the worst fears of a new carpet owner. Thankfully, many stains can be removed from carpet with professional cleaning. However, some are more difficult and others are almost impossible to get out. This is true for both carpet and upholstery. We often get asked what types of stains are hardest to get out. Here are the 5 worst stains to get out of carpet.

Grape Juice and Wine

Grape juice and wine are notorious for staining carpet because of the bright color. These stains should be immediately treated with hydrogen peroxide. Then, you should have a professional carpet cleaner come to fully remove the stain. Professional carpet cleaners have powerful equipment to effectively remove the entire stain from your carpets.

Blood Stains

Blood is very similar to wine and grape juice when it comes to staining. If someone is injured or bleeding, try to keep the blood away from carpet. You should also treat the stain as quickly as possible to prevent it from drying. Dry stains are more difficult to remove.


One of the great things about ink is that it stains paper so we can write on it. The bad side is that it also stains carpet. Like the other stains, ink is usually a bright or bold color which is challenging to get out of carpet. It will usually require a high-powered vacuum and chemicals to remove them. Because of this, you will almost certainly need a commercial carpet cleaner to remove ink stains.

Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are one of the most common stains that we see. But, they are also one of the more difficult ones to remove. If you do spill coffee, use some vinegar and dishwasher detergent. This can minimize the damage until you can get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Bodily Fluids

This one is well-known by pet owners. Animal urine is one of the most common types of staining in homes. Smell because one of the biggest issues with urine stains not to mention the fact that they are extremely difficult to remove. Baking soda can help with the smell and the moisture. However, to remove it well you will need to call in a professional team.

Quick tip: If you spill something, do the best you can to clean it up as quickly as possible. If you let a stain sit it is much harder to remove, especially on your own. The longer it sits, the harder it is to get out. If you spill any of these liquids on your carpet, we recommend giving us (or your local carpet cleaner) a call to make sure your carpets stay clean and looking fresh.


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