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How To Keep Carpets Clean Even if You Have Pets.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

68% of Americans own a pet, which a large portion of the United States. This means that a lot of people have to deal with carpets and pets, and trying to keep these clean. It came sometimes feel like something has to go, either the carpet or the pet. But don’t worry! There are ways to keep your carpet fresh and clean and still have an indoor pet.

  1. Watch the paws

One of the easiest ways that dirt is transferred into our homes via pets is from their paws. They walk around outside, then come in and track the dirt into the carpet. This is similar to if you wear your shoes inside of a home. One way to prevent this is to limit the area that your pets are allowed. This could be done with a gate or some other barrier. You could also keep a towel near the door and wash your pet’s feet off each time they come back in. You could also use a spray bottle.

2. Home Decor

Another way to prevent dirt and damage to your carpet is to use home decor to be used as dirt catcher. If you have an area that has a lot of traffic, you can put rugs or runners down to prevent dirt from getting to the actual carpet. Then you can have the rugs cleaned and this will prevent long-term damage to the carpet.

3. Have them Cleaned

The cleaner your pet is the cleaner the carpet will be. This is pretty straightforward, so to keep your carpets cleaner, keep your pet clean. If you have a dog or a cat, having them groomed regularly and removing hair. Don’t forget to give them regular baths.

4. Vacuum

You should vacuum your carpet regularly to remove hair and surface dirt. This doesn’t replace professional carpet cleaning. But it is important.

5. Furniture

When you go through and vacuum your carpet, we would also suggest vacuuming your furniture. Even if they aren’t allowed up on the furniture, dirt and hair can still easily land on furniture. You can get a pet attachment that will make this process simple.

6. Accidents

Even if your pet is incredibly well trained, it will probably have accidents at some point. Having a pet stain remover on hand isn’t a bad idea since you need to try to get as much cleaned up as quickly as possible. The longer it sits, the more difficult it will be to remove.

7. Baking Soda

You may have heard that baking soda is effective to help eliminate odor. This is true, and it is a good idea, but this does not replace having your carpets deep cleaned.

8. Limit the issue

If you have a puppy or an older animal that is routinely having accidents, it is a good idea to keep the pet in an area that doesn’t have carpet.

9. Feed them carefully

There are a ton of different types of food that you can get for your pet, and some of them have artificial coloring. Which means that if a pet does have an accident then it is more likely to cause worse stains.

10. Call a Professional!

Even if you do everything right and do anything you can to protect your carpet, chances are that eventually, you will have pet related stains or odor. The best way to get rid of stains, odors, and dirt is to have your carpets cleaned regularly. This will spruce up your carpet, and help them look fresh and remove odors. This is the only way to truly remove the issues caused by pet accidents.

These are our ten tips to protect your carpets from pets. Call us to schedule a time to have your carpets cleaned.


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